sunday sushi

My boyfriend and I frequent a small sushi restaurant in Studio City. We normally go there for dinner, usually right after we both get off work. But we decided to do something out of the normal and we went to our favorite AYCE sushi restaurant for lunch on Sunday! Of course it was still very delicious and very fresh, but it was really nice to walk around Studio City after we were done eating. A mile or two down from the sushi restaurant, there were shops and restaurants reminiscent of Melrose. There was Wasteland and Urban Outfitters (to name a few) just like LA areas but what I liked was that it was much quieter, mellower, and calmer. Also, the residential areas surrounding the little strip of shops were gorgeous- beautiful trees lined the streets and all the houses were super cute.

(blazer-f21, pants-zara, boots-gap, clutch-americanapparel)


concert hall

About two weeks ago, my sister and I quickly visited the Walt Disney Concert Hall. My sister needed to take pictures for her class and I just tagged along after we hung out in Little Tokyo. The construction of the building is amazing! After the mini “trip” my sister and I watched a clip on how Frank Ghery designs his buildings… he pretty much crumples, cuts, distorts pieces of paper and eventually create his pieces- just like the concert hall. If only I could build buildings as such… too bad I am not artistic at all.

Many, many people take their wedding pictures here so naturally it’s a really great place to take artsy pictures. Sorry mine is not all crazy and artistic- neither I nor my sister are great photographers. Also, if you decide to visit, make sure to go upstairs! The little courtyard area is super cute and pretty.

(shirt/pants/flats-zara, bag-rebeccaminkoff)
And- I want to win these shoes!!!


My first makeup post! I’m not going to be talking about any of the makeup but just wanted to show you what I purchased recently. Will probably talk about the ones I like soon.

left to right: lacome hypnose mascara, chanel blush, nars duo eyeshadow, bobbi brown illuminating bronzer, 2 ysl lipsticks.
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leap day

It’s Leap Day! 🙂
Woo hoo! I’m writing a new post in the same week! Quite the improvement.

Here I am looking oh so crazy. The winds were intense and I had to use flash because the night was exceptionally dark that day. I scored the maxi skirt at my local Marshall’s for $4! Usually I won’t buy clothing made out of cotton only because I love chiffon and silk and how it flows/looks. But when I found out the skirt has pockets, I was willing to give it a try. Also, how can you NOT buy it when it’s less than $5?
(shirt-h&m, bag-zara, shoes-ninewest)


how are you doing?

Long time blog world.
I’ve been on a long hiatus after I made my “I promise to blog frequently” speech. One reason why I did not update was because I like to update in the morning/early afternoon, but I am working a lot more hours now and cannot get the time in the morning to blog! My apologies. With that said, some of the pictures that I’ll upload in the next few posts will be pictures that I took way back when that I never had the time to post. Sorry~

So about a month ago, I had to stop using contacts because my eyes kept getting red! I was pretty scared that it would be infected only because I almost went blind when I was in middle school. I have horrible vision (I have astigmatism and near sightedness) and my previous glasses prescription was too low that I could not see anything at night. I finally got new glasses and that is what I’m wearing in my pictures. Thankfully I got new contacts and can wear them again.

(sweater-jcrew, shirt-gap, shoes-stevenbystevemadden, bag-zara)


Hello to all who read this!
I fail… because I suck at updating this blog! I will try really hard to remind myself to upload once in a while. At least I have my friends who remind me that I suck at updating!

So I started this blog because of my love for fashion and wanted to use this as an outlet to share my fashion inspirations and what I wear day-to-day, etc. But recently, about a month or two ago to be exact, I have become very interested in makeup too. I believe makeup and fashion can go hand in hand in expressing personal style and preference. So based on my newfound love and appreciation for makeup (it takes a lot of skill and practice to be good at it!), I have decided that I will also incorporate makeup into this blog! Just to clarify, I won’t be posting youtube clips or makeup tutorials because I am not that good to be teaching anybody. But I will definitely talk about things that I have recently bought and things that I like, etc along with the clothing I wear.

Hopefully with this new direction, my blog will be much more interesting to read and somewhat helpful to some.


Seeing my sister get ready for a new term at art center makes me a bit nostalgic. I am slowly facing the fact that I won’t have summer, spring, or winter breaks because in the working world, there are no such things. I miss the days when I don’t have to do anything for the whole day and can plan out my schedule however I desired. I also miss that love/hate feeling I get every morning when I start a new quarter at school. Maybe, just maybe, if I decide to go back to grad school, I’ll get my breaks back.

Aside from school talk, these pictures were taken a week ago when the weather was perfect- breezy and sunny. I wore my favorite skirt  of the moment and paired it with another loose, casual sweater. Oh, and I always wanted to take pictures with the sun behind me making me look bright and glowy… and I finally, kind of did it! Yay!

sequined leggings

The outfit pictures are something that I wore a while back for a night out with some of my girlfriends.

I have been wanting some sequined pants/leggings ever since I saw a blogpost from The Man Repeller (love her site!). I was casually strolling around the mall and decided to pop into forever 21. I was just browsing the racks when I saw this pair of sequined leggings hanging on some random rack! I immediately grabbed it and saw that it was a small… it was waiting for me. Tried it on, saw that it was super comfortable and pretty sparkly and decided to buy it. Also, for the price, under $20, I definitely knew it was a steal! The only thing that I wish I can change about my leggings is that I wish the color was a bit lighter so that the sparkles would be more intense. Regardless, I am very satisfied and am in love with these leggings!

(blazer-h&m, shirt-thrifted, leggings-f21, shoes-jeffrey campbell)

And, I want to win this bag so I have to do this 🙂


It was my senior year of high school when I realized my passion for reading. I was so obsessed with reading that I made a weekly trip to the bookstore, buying about 3-4 books each trip. I also finished a book every 4-5 days and just kept going for about a year. Then I started college and stopped reading for… about 4 years. Then recently, I’ve slowly been rekindling my love for reading.

As much as I love going out, I’ve become quite a recluse lately- mainly because I’ve been hooked on reading The Hunger Games trilogy! I’ve been glued to my ipad ever since I downloaded all 3 books and have been reading EVERYWHERE… i.e. restaurants, bathroom (sorry if that’s gross), the moment I wake up, in between work, and whenever I can fit the time. I’ve forgotten how much I love reading and how engrossed I become to the stories and characters. I’ve been reading constantly and I finished all 3 books in a week… I kind of wish I slowed down a bit and took my time, but I couldn’t put the ipad down! When I read the last page of the final book, I felt pretty sad. BUT, I’m moving on to a new book and next is The Girl Who Played with Fire- I hope it’s as fun and captivating as the first one!

So now that you know how much I LOVED The Hunger Games, all of you who read this blog should get your copy of the trilogy!

Aside from that, the weather has been relatively warm/hot these past couple of weeks. We are fortunate to have such nice weather even in the winter, but a part of me wanted the cold to stay a bit longer so that I can layer sweaters. Anyways, I couldn’t get outfit pictures when I went out so I took these in front of my closet.

(wearing: blouse- gap, sweater- zara, skirt-f21, boots-urban, bag-REBECCA MINKOFF!!!!! yayayayay!- I wanted one for a while!)

the new year

I know this isn’t a fashion post or about an outfit that I’m wearing, but I just wanted to share with whoever reads this about how I plan to go about the new year.

First off, I think we are so blessed to have this “fresh” start every year. Of course it’s not a literal fresh start, but being able to put things to the past and look forward is such a gift. For me, it’s learning from my mistakes and failures from 2011 and being able to grow and go a step further in 2012.

2011 has been a huge step into “adulthood”- leasing my car under my name, graduating college, starting my “real” adult job, and adapting to post grad life. With this jump into adulthood, I’ve had so many ups and downs and fear of the great unknown. But amidst all the chaos and changes, I’m thankful that I have the new year to do better and go beyond what I have accomplished in 2011.

It’s exciting and frightening, but I determine to live this new year, 2012, with greater passion and drive. Also, I will better at updating this blog and will try to make it more exciting with more than just pictures.

Cheers to a new year!