When I started this blog, I was so unsure on whether I would actually enjoy using my blog site.
I was a bit hesitant at first to even put pictures of myself for the whole world to see. But now that I am consistently updating, it’s actually quite fun and exciting! Although I still suck at taking pictures and am still in great need of a camera besides my iphone, I like the thought of sharing my ideas, fashion tips/outfits, and what inspires my style. I hope that one day (hopefully soon) more people will find my blog and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy updating it. ^___^

With that said, these are some pictures the boy and I took while we were at Home Depot. hehe

I was laughing so much because it was just that awkward to pose inside Home Depot.

The back of one of my favorite shirts! Next time I’ll take a picture of the whole shirt without a sweater over it…
(ps. Hannah, after I saw your pf picture, I ended up buying the same headband! It’s so cute!)

I was wearing: sweater-zara, shorts- forver21, flats- steve madden


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