Having a friend take pictures for you for your blog is very embarrassing… I just get super awkward. Hence the reason why I kept moving around in my pictures. But I should probably stop being such a pansy and work on making good pictures.

My friend and I went to eat dinner at a cute place called Daisy Mint in Pasadena. Afterwards, we headed over to old town Pasadena to look around and shop. Since I’ve been wearing darker colors for work, I wanted to brighten up my outfit. I went to from dark -> super bright. I wore my super comfortable reddish-pinkish pants that I got on sale for $15! I paired that up with a striped sweater that had a similar color to the pants. I was skeptical about making it “work” but the pair seem to work out fine!

*Thank you Hannah for taking these pictures for me! Your SLR is 1000000x better than my old digital camera.

(I was wearing: sweater- forever21, pants- sparkle&fade from UO, sandals- zara)


One thought on “blurry

  1. . says:

    yu have funny looking toes

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