hippie status

It’s raining today! It’s kind of refreshing to know that the weather is colder and that it feels more like winter!
I’ve been looking at some DIY projects all morning and have saved some on my computer so that I can do it when I have free time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on with some projects so that I can show it on my blog! It’s actually quite fun and perfect for days like these when you don’t want to go out.

Anyways, I haven’t had time to take new pictures in a while so I have some from a week ago that I took at the grove. The weather was much warmer then hence the reason why I’m wearing shorts, etc. I’ve also recently had a huge obsession with head bands and have bought 3 of them so far!¬†Unnecessary? Maybe… but I like how it adds a hippie-ish touch to all my outfits. **If you have big cheeks like me, wearing a headband can make your face look so much slimmer and smaller!**

I look like a diva with my hand like that… oops

Close up of my headband that I recently purchased!

(I was wearing: headband- f21, sunglasses- marc by marc jacobs, blazer- kimchi&blue, shirt- gap, shorts- levi’s cutoffs, shoes- steven by steve madden)


2 thoughts on “hippie status

  1. hanz says:

    Heheh i like this one! did i inspire your hippie-headband trend???? hahhaha jk, you’re a beaut!

  2. tristino says:

    your hair is getting so long!~~~~~~!!!! and more clear pictures!!!! whooop!!!

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