last friday night

This past saturday, I went to a Chris Brown(=sexy) concert with my friends! It’s been so long since I’ve been to a concert so it was very, very fun. But the concert venue was outdoors so it was freezing! Thank goodness we were dancing and pumping up our body because otherwise I would have died. Wish I took some pictures the day of the concert but there was no time. Honestly, I didn’t even know what proper “concert attire” was… I actually googled it but found nothing :/

Anyways, these pictures probably were not taken last friday night… I couldn’t find a better title haha But it’s been getting colder and colder so more and more layering! Yay my favorite! My favorite way to layer is with a collared blouse and some sweaters… Probably will be seeing a lot of that soon enough.

It seems like my iPad is a clutch

Was taken inside the hallway of my house before I went out!

(I was wearing: sweater- f21, shirt- h&m, scarf- uo)


One thought on “last friday night

  1. Tristina says:

    Fun times 😥 haha jk

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