chilly sunday

The weather keeps fluctuating! I want it to stay cold and maybe get just a bit colder so we can have some snow in LA…….. yea right. But since the weather has been crazy… my skin has been acting up as well! It has been drier than usual and so I’ve been trying to find some thicker lotion for my face. Sigh…
Anyways, I’ve, since forever, been obsessed with shoes, but recently I have found another! I’ve been obsessing over Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s in vanilla. It’s like Oreos except the Trader Joe’s one is much healthier and much tastier. It’s so good but I try to limit myself to 3 each day… If I didn’t, I’m sure I can finish at least half the box!

Since it was chilly this past Sunday, I wanted to layer but wanted to do something a bit different… So I layered my sweater with an asymmetrical tank blouse from cheap monday that I bought this past summer. What I wore on this particular day reminded me a bit of Japanese fashion. Also, I always thought that leather with leather wouldn’t look good, but I have found that it actually looks pretty good! I think skinny leather jeans with ankle boots look amazing!

(I was wearing: top-gap, sweater-korea, blouse-cheap monday, pants-zara, boots-target, bag-h&m)


One thought on “chilly sunday

  1. Tristino says:

    You were warm wearing that??? It’s so cold these days….. Cute bag!

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