the best photographer!

So I suck at taking pictures… I know the quality of my pictures suck when I take it… but when my friends take it, it’s always amazing! My favorite personal photographer, Judy, who also happens to be one of my closest friend, always takes the best pictures for me! We always have fun taking these pictures and get a good laugh while thinking of poses, etc. Honestly, it’s pretty hard when my boyfriend doesn’t really care about taking pictures for me :/ (well he is getting better at helping me out haha ^___^). But Judy is a pro! She tells me different poses, where to stand, what looks good, and even edits my pictures! She’s the best! haha This post is for you Judy!

Anyways, we took these pictures today at the park in front of Judy’s house. The weather was super nice this afternoon, except it was a bit windy, but it made for good pictures. I wore an oversized sweater (I love sweaters) with my favorite vintage designer blouse underneath. I went with very netural/fall-ish colors… thought it was appropriate for this season.

This picture isn’t that flattering but we took some paparazzi shots haha

Details of the blouse

I also got my hair done yesterday! Cut it and permed it… but I feel like my curls are not defined enough so I might have to get it re-done.
Whew… that was a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

(I was wearing: shirt-vintage karl lagerfeld, sweater- korea, pants- zara)


One thought on “the best photographer!

  1. tristino says:

    hair looks good! #1 fan ova hea~ judy’z soOo geWwdDDdd

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