the weather outside is frightful

I live in Arcadia in the mountains. If you look at my house on google maps, you will find that I live on the top end of Arcadia and that right above my house there are only mountains and a bunch of trees. In high school, none of my friends ever wanted to come up to my house because it was so far up and out of the way. Yesterday, we had crazy winds… craziest one I have experienced from my 10 years of living in the city. When I went outside to go to work, my dad’s car was completely wrecked! The front windshield was cracked all over because of all the debris that hit it. Pretty much the whole city has been out of electricity since yesterday night and so right now I am at a Starbucks in another city. The winds are supposed to continue up until tonight so hopefully tomorrow will be much calmer.

Aside from the craziness, I haven’t been able to update the blog for so long because I’ve been pretty busy. My cousin from Korea came on Sunday and so I had to juggle taking him around for business meetings to making it in time for my work and showing him around. Anyways, hopefully everything will be back to normal and I can start updating regularly again… and hopefully my pictures will be a lot clearer because I FINALLY GOT A NEW CAMERA! Got it during black friday without having to wait in crazy lines at Best Buy ^__^

This was taken about a week ago after we watched Twilight! haha I love my friends and we have the best times together.

(I was wearing: blazer-h&m, top, scarf, pants, boots-u&o)


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