pitch black

It’s been day 5 of the blackout and my area is the only area with no power!!! It’s driving me crazy… I live by candlelight and there is absolutely nothing to do at home. I hunted down the people at Edison (electrical company) as they were fixing wires when my area will get power and they told me tomorrow afternoon………. On top of having no power at home, we are expecting another crazy Santa Ana wind. I hope everyone’s cars and houses will be okay!

These are pictures from about 2ish weeks ago when the weather was exceptionally warm!

These were taken with my new camera! yay!

(I was wearing: top-Gap, f21, shorts-f21, loafers-nine west)


One thought on “pitch black

  1. tristino says:

    wow!!!!!! look how much better your blog is with that new camera of yours huh!?!?!?! does kevin still take these pics? tell him hi…………. ❤ hahaha jkz.

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