the new year

I know this isn’t a fashion post or about an outfit that I’m wearing, but I just wanted to share with whoever reads this about how I plan to go about the new year.

First off, I think we are so blessed to have this “fresh” start every year. Of course it’s not a literal fresh start, but being able to put things to the past and look forward is such a gift. For me, it’s learning from my mistakes and failures from 2011 and being able to grow and go a step further in 2012.

2011 has been a huge step into “adulthood”- leasing my car under my name, graduating college, starting my “real” adult job, and adapting to post grad life. With this jump into adulthood, I’ve had so many ups and downs and fear of the great unknown. But amidst all the chaos and changes, I’m thankful that I have the new year to do better and go beyond what I have accomplished in 2011.

It’s exciting and frightening, but I determine to live this new year, 2012, with greater passion and drive. Also, I will better at updating this blog and will try to make it more exciting with more than just pictures.

Cheers to a new year!


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