Seeing my sister get ready for a new term at art center makes me a bit nostalgic. I am slowly facing the fact that I won’t have summer, spring, or winter breaks because in the working world, there are no such things. I miss the days when I don’t have to do anything for the whole day and can plan out my schedule however I desired. I also miss that love/hate feeling I get every morning when I start a new quarter at school. Maybe, just maybe, if I decide to go back to grad school, I’ll get my breaks back.

Aside from school talk, these pictures were taken a week ago when the weather was perfect- breezy and sunny. I wore my favorite skirt  of the moment and paired it with another loose, casual sweater. Oh, and I always wanted to take pictures with the sun behind me making me look bright and glowy… and I finally, kind of did it! Yay!


2 thoughts on “breezy

  1. Tristino says:

    U go glen coco

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