Hello to all who read this!
I fail… because I suck at updating this blog! I will try really hard to remind myself to upload once in a while. At least I have my friends who remind me that I suck at updating!

So I started this blog because of my love for fashion and wanted to use this as an outlet to share my fashion inspirations and what I wear day-to-day, etc. But recently, about a month or two ago to be exact, I have become very interested in makeup too. I believe makeup and fashion can go hand in hand in expressing personal style and preference. So based on my newfound love and appreciation for makeup (it takes a lot of skill and practice to be good at it!), I have decided that I will also incorporate makeup into this blog! Just to clarify, I won’t be posting youtube clips or makeup tutorials because I am not that good to be teaching anybody. But I will definitely talk about things that I have recently bought and things that I like, etc along with the clothing I wear.

Hopefully with this new direction, my blog will be much more interesting to read and somewhat helpful to some.


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