how are you doing?

Long time blog world.
I’ve been on a long hiatus after I made my “I promise to blog frequently” speech. One reason why I did not update was because I like to update in the morning/early afternoon, but I am working a lot more hours now and cannot get the time in the morning to blog! My apologies. With that said, some of the pictures that I’ll upload in the next few posts will be pictures that I took way back when that I never had the time to post. Sorry~

So about a month ago, I had to stop using contacts because my eyes kept getting red! I was pretty scared that it would be infected only because I almost went blind when I was in middle school. I have horrible vision (I have astigmatism and near sightedness) and my previous glasses prescription was too low that I could not see anything at night. I finally got new glasses and that is what I’m wearing in my pictures. Thankfully I got new contacts and can wear them again.

(sweater-jcrew, shirt-gap, shoes-stevenbystevemadden, bag-zara)


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