sunday sushi

My boyfriend and I frequent a small sushi restaurant in Studio City. We normally go there for dinner, usually right after we both get off work. But we decided to do something out of the normal and we went to our favorite AYCE sushi restaurant for lunch on Sunday! Of course it was still very delicious and very fresh, but it was really nice to walk around Studio City after we were done eating. A mile or two down from the sushi restaurant, there were shops and restaurants reminiscent of Melrose. There was Wasteland and Urban Outfitters (to name a few) just like LA areas but what I liked was that it was much quieter, mellower, and calmer. Also, the residential areas surrounding the little strip of shops were gorgeous- beautiful trees lined the streets and all the houses were super cute.

(blazer-f21, pants-zara, boots-gap, clutch-americanapparel)


2 thoughts on “sunday sushi

  1. tristino says:

    wowww i haven’t looked at your blog in a while but i was pleasantly surprised with all the updates!!!!!!!!!!!! good job dayez.

  2. yoonieliz says:

    cute blazer. love it.

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