all in the details


tangerine tango

Tangerine Tango- the “it” color for 2012.
I bought my jeans without knowing that this color will carry me on to the next year!  woohoo~

So these days, I am more obsessed with buying makeup/facial products than I am about buying clothing… so odd because I don’t wear that much makeup and I keep stocking up on it. Anyways, maybe one day I shall show my makeup collection or my recent purchases.

*My camera is turning out my jeans to be more red than orange… strange.

holiday spirit

Went to The Grove last weekend and saw all their winter decorations. Going to places like The Grove, The Americana, and Disneyland and seeing all their festive decorations really puts me in the holiday spirit. Wish it was like that everywhere I go.

(I was wearing: shirt-zara, heels-nine west, beanie-h&m)

lazy sundays

Sundays always make me feel super lazy… it’s like some weird feeling I get and I just feel like everything is slowed down and more relaxed. I think relaxing and winding down for sundays is the perfect way to recharge for the week ahead.

Even I look super lazy but here I am with one of my favorite t-shirts.

pitch black

It’s been day 5 of the blackout and my area is the only area with no power!!! It’s driving me crazy… I live by candlelight and there is absolutely nothing to do at home. I hunted down the people at Edison (electrical company) as they were fixing wires when my area will get power and they told me tomorrow afternoon………. On top of having no power at home, we are expecting another crazy Santa Ana wind. I hope everyone’s cars and houses will be okay!

These are pictures from about 2ish weeks ago when the weather was exceptionally warm!

These were taken with my new camera! yay!

(I was wearing: top-Gap, f21, shorts-f21, loafers-nine west)


It’s the 3rd day of the power outage around my area… It really is difficult to do anything without electricity. It’s been quite difficult to put outfits together, especially at night because I am living by candlelight and flashlights.

Anyways, here are some pictures from my Instagram.

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the weather outside is frightful

I live in Arcadia in the mountains. If you look at my house on google maps, you will find that I live on the top end of Arcadia and that right above my house there are only mountains and a bunch of trees. In high school, none of my friends ever wanted to come up to my house because it was so far up and out of the way. Yesterday, we had crazy winds… craziest one I have experienced from my 10 years of living in the city. When I went outside to go to work, my dad’s car was completely wrecked! The front windshield was cracked all over because of all the debris that hit it. Pretty much the whole city has been out of electricity since yesterday night and so right now I am at a Starbucks in another city. The winds are supposed to continue up until tonight so hopefully tomorrow will be much calmer.

Aside from the craziness, I haven’t been able to update the blog for so long because I’ve been pretty busy. My cousin from Korea came on Sunday and so I had to juggle taking him around for business meetings to making it in time for my work and showing him around. Anyways, hopefully everything will be back to normal and I can start updating regularly again… and hopefully my pictures will be a lot clearer because I FINALLY GOT A NEW CAMERA! Got it during black friday without having to wait in crazy lines at Best Buy ^__^

This was taken about a week ago after we watched Twilight! haha I love my friends and we have the best times together.

(I was wearing: blazer-h&m, top, scarf, pants, boots-u&o)

it’s beginning to look like christmas…

…well, not really, but today is gloomy and cold!! I wish, hope, and pray that one day there will be a tiny, light, 1 second long snowfall in LA…

So from my previous post I have mentioned how much I love layering sweaters with blouses. I’ve further continued that style and have done it again in this post! These days, my style has become more relaxed and comfortable like a boyfriend-style (more oversized sweaters, looser garments) with more neutral colors. I guess my wardrobe has done a change just like the change from summer to fall/winter.

(I was wearing: blouse-vintage, pants-u&o, shoes-steve madden)

the best photographer!

So I suck at taking pictures… I know the quality of my pictures suck when I take it… but when my friends take it, it’s always amazing! My favorite personal photographer, Judy, who also happens to be one of my closest friend, always takes the best pictures for me! We always have fun taking these pictures and get a good laugh while thinking of poses, etc. Honestly, it’s pretty hard when my boyfriend doesn’t really care about taking pictures for me :/ (well he is getting better at helping me out haha ^___^). But Judy is a pro! She tells me different poses, where to stand, what looks good, and even edits my pictures! She’s the best! haha This post is for you Judy!

Anyways, we took these pictures today at the park in front of Judy’s house. The weather was super nice this afternoon, except it was a bit windy, but it made for good pictures. I wore an oversized sweater (I love sweaters) with my favorite vintage designer blouse underneath. I went with very netural/fall-ish colors… thought it was appropriate for this season.

This picture isn’t that flattering but we took some paparazzi shots haha

Details of the blouse

I also got my hair done yesterday! Cut it and permed it… but I feel like my curls are not defined enough so I might have to get it re-done.
Whew… that was a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

(I was wearing: shirt-vintage karl lagerfeld, sweater- korea, pants- zara)

chilly sunday

The weather keeps fluctuating! I want it to stay cold and maybe get just a bit colder so we can have some snow in LA…….. yea right. But since the weather has been crazy… my skin has been acting up as well! It has been drier than usual and so I’ve been trying to find some thicker lotion for my face. Sigh…
Anyways, I’ve, since forever, been obsessed with shoes, but recently I have found another! I’ve been obsessing over Trader Joe’s Joe-Joe’s in vanilla. It’s like Oreos except the Trader Joe’s one is much healthier and much tastier. It’s so good but I try to limit myself to 3 each day… If I didn’t, I’m sure I can finish at least half the box!

Since it was chilly this past Sunday, I wanted to layer but wanted to do something a bit different… So I layered my sweater with an asymmetrical tank blouse from cheap monday that I bought this past summer. What I wore on this particular day reminded me a bit of Japanese fashion. Also, I always thought that leather with leather wouldn’t look good, but I have found that it actually looks pretty good! I think skinny leather jeans with ankle boots look amazing!

(I was wearing: top-gap, sweater-korea, blouse-cheap monday, pants-zara, boots-target, bag-h&m)